Holidays in the sun and trips to exotic faraway places may seem like distant memories at the moment but the day will come when once again we can pack our bags and spread our wings.

By then, will our attitude to  travel have changed? 

Crowded beaches, packed bars and long queues at tourist attractions may seem alien. We have grown accustomed to keeping our distance and respecting personal space, enjoying walks in local parks and simple home pleasures. In London we have relished the clear skies and birdsong in a flight free world.  So will the post COVID traveller be more respectful and more appreciative of the world’s natural beauty?

Appreciating  nature whether it is in the jungle or under the ocean and experiencing conscious luxury in eco-hotels both at home and overseas are experiences...

 At Easter time we are  remembering these beautiful Angels painted on the Ceiling of the church of Debre Zeit, Gondar in Ethiopia. There are hundreds of these faces, each with a different expression ranging from the saintly and cherubic to downright mischievous. And although the Orthodox Church has a different calendar this is as good a time as any to look at their uplifting smiles. 

Beer, chocolate and stunning mountain views - Argentina's lake district is a feast for the senses 

 Image: Beautiful Bariloche

The Patagonian Lake District in Argentina is as pretty as a picture with its Alpine style  chalets, beautiful lakes and snow capped mountains. San Carlos de Bariloche  is the main tourist town in the Argentinian Lake District  with a colourful tram that runs past the main square and a distinctive European feel. The area attracted Swiss, Austrian and German settlers with its fresh mountain air, snowy peaks and challenging hikes. Although Argentina is famous for its wines, there are a surprising number of small breweries in Patagonia and the craft beer bars in places like Bariloche add to its Germanic feel.

This area is famous for its chocolate and there...

OK, so you don’t get to meet the man in person, but it’s still a great offer. The two Michelin-starred restaurant at Sketch in Mayfair is offering a meal deal that would put most eateries to shame: a three course Gourmet lunch in the Lecture


Room & Library and an exhibition ticket for Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy of Arts for £49.

​It’s an ongoing deal for any of the major exhibitions at the Royal Academy. My father and I make an annual pilgrimage to the RA for the Summer Exhibition, which my dad, an artist, loves. I am not a huge fan of the Summer Exhibition but I am very fond of my father and enjoy our little ritual. I don’t enjoy the food, though: lunch at the Royal Academy is way too much like eating in a school canteen for me.

So when I heard about Sketch’s deal, I suggested it to my...

​Believe it or not, the entertainment capital of the world is increasingly being recognised for showcasing world-class art – whether on The Strip or the streets of Downtown, in secluded galleries or in the showiest of resorts. The longstanding Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and the MGM resort are still undeniable anchors for traditional art in Las Vegas, but today the once edgy Arts district has the city’s highest concentration of galleries.

If you feel like a different kind of Las Vegas trip, you can enjoy street art and murals splashed all over Downtown or, for a staggering $100,000 a night, sleep with art by Damien Hirst at The Empathy Suite at Palms. Clark County Government Center and the Nevada Museum of Art both beautifully celebrate the natural beauty of the desert landscape, the defin...

'You are going to be amazed,' Juan Carlos my guide, exclaims as we set off on a tour of the largest of the Canary Islands. Juan tells me that almost half of Gran Canaria forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Yet, if you tell most people you are going to the Canaries, a flicker of confusion, even sympathy passes across their face. They know it for its year-round sunshine and package holidays, but little else.

The Great Rest was established in the middle of the 19th Century when a group of English sailors discovered an island with Europe's best winters. Gran Canaria quickly became popular as a place of refuge, where visitors could convalesce, or simply relax. Brits flocked to the island for health tourism, on the recommendation of British doctors, and the tradition is still going strong today.


'It's freezing!' everyone seems to be crying in the UK as if we have never seen winter before. I was in need of something, or some things, to get me through these dark days. Why don't we all embrace the season and the Danish art of 'hygge', or cosiness?

'It's freezing!' everyone seems to be crying in the UK as if we have never seen winter before. I was in need of something, or some things, to get me through these dark days. Why don't we all embrace the season and the Danish art of 'hygge', or cosiness?

I believe things should not just be functional, but also beautiful and pleasurable, and ideally have some kind of eco aspect. Otherwise it is 'just object collecting' as my father, an economist would say about present buying at Christmas. So, to get on this list, the items had to be delightful...

'You travelled by train?' Anthony, the friendly waiter at Bedruthan Hotel's Wild Café asks, with real interest. 'That means we give you a free bottle of wine. Would you like red or white?'

Anyone travelling to the hotel in Cornwall by any method other than car qualifies for this gift. Why don't more hotels offer incentives like this? The term 'eco hotel' rarely translates into something tangible for the visitor, let alone something they can actually contribute to and be part of.

I am delighted - at my present but also by the view and to be greeted with such apparently genuine friendliness. I then congratulate myself, and not for the first time, on my decision to take the train. Not having a car is not really a hardship here. There really is no need to drive either to get here or after arrivi...

The award-winning Thurlestone is something very special. Tucked away in a little corner of South Devon on a narrow winding road, it is an adventure to get there. I travelled down by train to Salcombe and got a cab from the station, which is something I would recommend, as you really don’t need a car when you are there.

With its own excellent restaurant, lovely little 16th-century English pub, deservedly popular kids club and 19-acres of exquisite grounds, along with a beautiful stretch of beach, high quality golf course on its doorstep, the Thurlestone really does have it all. I got the feeling that if I did manage to find something to complain about, that it would be dealt with immediately and with real attention. It is no surprise then to find out that a staggering two thirds of guests at...

It’s a 110 years ago since Beatrix Potter penned her tales, including the one about the most famous naughty rabbit in the world, and the stories are still as popular as ever with all generations. I took my not so naughty little boy on a very special pilgrimage to the Lake District to mark this important anniversary, introduce him to one of my favourite characters from my childhood and discover a very special hotel.

Emma Thompson’s book, The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit, based on the famous character created by Beatrix Potter, has been recently published.  And to mark it, the Lakeside Hotel and Spa has launched a special Beatrix Potter themed package.

​The package offers families the opportunity to visit some of the places that inspired Beatrix Potter to write her books, including Hill...

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