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Taste of Tobago

Tobago's cuisine is a unique blend of African, Indian, Chinese, European and Latin American influences, as well as from Syria, Lebanon and Italy. This fascinating culinary fusion reflects the multiracial population of Trinidad & Tobago,

Curry and roti are national favourites. Roti originated in East India, but, like all West Indian curry dishes, has now been thoroughly localised and is quite different to the East Indian variants. It is basically a thin flat unleavened bread (flour pancake), not dissimilar to a tortilla. Fillings include curried chicken, goat, shrimp or conch with potato chunks and channa (chickpeas).

Crab and Dumpling is a local speciality. Its impossible to eat without making a mess, and best enjoyed outdoors, ideally on the beach. Miss Trim's food shack on Store Bay is one of the best places on island to try it

Away from the international restaurants found in the more populated areas of the island, virtually every restaurant serves variations of the same basic spicy Creole cooking. Diners are often simply offered the choice of meat (chicken or goat), fish or prawn with no menus on the table.

It is nearly time for carnival so everyone on the islands will be making sure they are well fed as they prepare to party!

Vegetarians are well catered for. There are two major groups of vegetarians on Trinidad and Tobago - devout Hindus and Rastafarians - so every restaurant will have options.

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